The projects below are all related to programming the Web on the Java platform. They were the core focus of Kobrix for a certain period of time. Presently, they are in low maintenance mode, still in use and awaiting a revival should there be enough interest. All have been open-sourced and you are welcome to browse and reuse the code. For example, we still believe TICL is founded on somewhat better architectural desicisions than its standartized counterpart JavaServer (tm) Faces, and it is certainly much more well-suited for practical purposes.

  • TICL is a Java Servlets/JSP web component framework and toolkit. It is a precursor of JavaServer Faces as it embodies very similar architectural principals and patterns. However, there are certain fundamental differences that make TICL both much more efficient and much more practical than JSF.

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  • PamWEB stands for Pluggable Application Modules for the Web. The framework is very practicle in nature and it contains a set of ready made modules that can be embedded in a web application. Examples of modules are User Management and Message Boards. This was build in a pre-portal era and it uses TICL as an UI framework.

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  • Webfaces is an IDE for web development based on TICL. It was implemented as a Netbeans plugin and it has a standalone version. The project got to a fairly advanced stage, but it never reached production ready stability.

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