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  What Is It?

Seco is a software scripting, prototyping development environment for the Java platform. Better than a REPL, better than a conventional console interface, sort of like an IDE, but not quite.

What Can I Use It For?

Write scripts for administrative tasks. Develop libraries in your favorite JVM language. Explore and learn APIs, programming languages and algorithms. Prototype and share any code that can run on the Java platform.

What Can It Do?

With Seco you write notebooks which are structured files mixing code, documentation and output. The concept comes from the Mathematica system. You can mix different programming languages integrated in a single runtime. You can create GUI interfaces for various tasks and organize them in zoomable, nested containers. You can share your work with other almost real-time, or by exporting to files.

What It Wants To be?

A collaborative live development environment for building large-scale systems based on the evolution, sharing and reuse of fine-grained software artifacts.A detailed exposition of the long term vision can be read in the Rapid Software Evolution paper.

System Requirements Java 6+, *nix or Windows
License LGPL
Documentation Video Tutorials
Beginner's Guide
Support Forum Seco Google Group
Open-Source Hosting Seco at Google Code
How Can I Help?

If you like the software and/or like where this is going and want to contribute, the simplest way is of course spread the word. And if you want to do some coding, then even better! Either write to the Seco Google group (see above) or directly to

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