TICL stands for Tag Interface Component Library. It is a JSP tag library of WEB interface components. The product was developed in 2001 after a disappointed with the predominant technologies at the time (Struts et al.). A major goal of TICL is to bring RAD-like development to the WEB platform. Programmers can concentrate on logical functionality and build JSP pages by placing TICL components through tags and responding to user events. Every component is self-contained and manages interaction with the end-user with little or no assistance on the programmer's part. Visual appearance of components is abstracted into a high-level styles framework.

TICL enjoyed a short success and was purchased by companies such as Oracle and Goldman Sachs. It was reportedly used to teach high-school students about web programming and in many academic projects.

A technology founded on similar architecture is JavaServer(tm) Faces, a standartized web UI component framework that has gained a fair share of popularity. Our recent experience with that technology has resulted in a serious disappointment as well, so we've decided to keep TICL around and perhaps revive it if there is interest.

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Additional Information

A complete reference guide can be found from the downloads below. In addition, the following are available:

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The latest production release is TICL 1.1, as of Feb 2002. It is available here.

You can also get the source code from our Subversion repository at:


Use your favorite Subversion client to access it.