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Welcome to the TICL Samples Page

This section contains code samples illustrating various features of TICL. They show the main components that are currently part of TICL. While these samples are sort of realistic, they are not real world samples, but merely to demonstrate functionnality and basic features.

For a bigger, real life example, just look at our site. It has been completely rewritten with TICL. For instance, a more WEB application-like section is the Community section with the discussion forums. The whole discussion forums section is about 600 lines of JSP code with the business logic code which, as a very bad architecture example, is within the JSPs ;). That code will be made available free of charge in the near future.

Please, select an example of a component that you would like to explore on the left menu. You can view the example source code by clicking on the View Source link on the right.